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Friday, March 28, 2003

Mozambique gains from Comrade Bob's brutality.

The Mozambican government says commercial farmers who fled from Zimbabwe are contributing immensely to the development of agriculture in that country.

Soares Nhaca, governor of the central province of Manica, was quoted by the Mozambican news agency saying the displaced commercial farmers have helped restore agricultural production.

Peasant farming had become the mainstay of Mozambique's economy, hence current efforts to develop commercial agriculture. "Zimbabwe's loss is Mozambique's gain," Nhaca was quoted as saying by AIM, the Mozambican news agency.

Nhaca was speaking after visiting seven farms run by Zimbabwean commercial farmers, who left the country because of the chaotic land reform.

Several farmers were killed, while thousands of their workers were rendered homeless during Zimbabwe's widely condemned land reform programme. Most of the affected farmers fled to Mozambique, Zambia, England, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Manica province is now home to about 50 farmers, who were allocated land in the districts of Mossurize, Sussundenga, Gondola and Manica where they are producing tea, tobacco and other cash crops.

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