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Monday, March 24, 2003

More Iraqis being kicked out of the Philippines on suspicion of esianoge and collaberation with Abu Sayyaf and MILF.

Foreign Secretary Blas Ople told reporters the two men -- First Secretary Abdul Karim Shwaikh and Karim Nassir Hamid, an attache at the embassy -- had been given 72 hours to leave.

Police and immigration officials said on Friday they had uncovered ''sleeper cells'' that led to the arrest of 10 Iraqis and one Saudi Arabian with possible links to the expelled Husain.

Manila said Husain was ordered out after intelligence officers traced mobile phone calls from Abu Sayyaf rebels to the diplomat immediately after a blast in October killed a U.S. soldier and three Filipinos at a karaoke bar in Zamboanga City.

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