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Friday, March 21, 2003

Just to make sure we are not strictly thinking about the Ba'aths, five missiles struck Ansar al-Islam targets.

The strike against its base, which took place shortly before midnight, comes as the U.S. prepares to step up a northern front to take control of the oil-rich cities of Kirkuk and Mosul. U.S. and British troops entered southern Iraq from Kuwait on Thursday and have been pounding Baghdad with airstrikes in the campaign to oust Saddam.

A ground assault against Ansar, using Kurdish forces, was also being prepared and could start soon after Friday night's strike, said a high-level official of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Kurdish militia fighters and heavily armed U.S. Special Forces poured into the area near Halabja, which neighbors the Ansar stronghold. A Kurdish military official, also refusing to be identified by name, confirmed the report of the missile strike.

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