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Thursday, March 27, 2003

John McCain.

A democratic Iraq could hasten liberalization in Persian Gulf states such as Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.

Reform of the Palestinian Authority - finally under way - can only be strengthened by the demise of the suicide bombers' paymaster in Baghdad. Change in Iraq and elsewhere will increase Israel's security, indispensable to achieving an enduring peace with the Palestinians.
To confront the hatred that has devastated Arab progress and threatened the United States, we should aspire to be respected by Arab peoples and, in the case of tyrants and terrorists who threaten us, feared.

Iraqis' controlling their own destiny will demonstrate that our real allies in the Middle East are people who yearn for freedom - not autocratic governments that sell us cheap oil.

Americans fight and die in Iraq today not for empire, not for oil, not for a religion, not to shock and awe the world with our astonishing power. They fight for love - for love of freedom, our own and all humanity's.
When the guns are silent, their political leaders must take every care to advance the aspirations that have given their sacrifice its nobility, and our country its real glory.

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