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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Italian Special Forces are on the ground with the US in the hunt for Osama (orthe specks of him that can be identified) and other al Qaida and Taliban leaders in South East Afghanistan.

"The commandos have been specially selected for their features that match the Pashtuns of the area and have familiarised themselves to the terrain and native milieu," media reports here quoted officials as saying.

"They (commandos) have launched a systematic hunt to capture bin Laden, Omar and (Afgan rebel leader Gulbuddin) Hekmatyar dead or alive," they said.

They said the Alpine commandos, who were in action along the border with Pakistan since December 2002, appear Pashtuns, wear salwar kameez and sometimes even turbans and shawls.

The commandos study roads and mountain passes, inspect caves and tunnels and mix up with villagers. They carry computers to transmit reports to the US Air Force base in Bagram. "We may hear some news soon," the officials said.

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