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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Iraqis in New Jersey respond to the start of the war.

Rahim Al-Mubalik was overjoyed when he heard the news that United States troops had unleashed cruise missiles in an attack on Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and his ruling circle.

"They need to get him," the former Iraqi resident said as he walked along the city's heavily Arab-American business district Thursday morning. "America is the greatest! We all hate him."

"We are all so happy," said Jamaal El-Murshidy, a former Iraqi soldier who surrendered to U.S. troops early in the 1991 Gulf War. "Now we will have a country we can go back to and see again."

El-Murshidy said he was stationed as a lookout between advancing allied troops and Iraqi forces during the war, and relayed information on the whereabouts of the Americans to his commanders.

"I had four guys with me," said the North Bergen merchant. "I said, `Let's go, guys. We have had eight years of war with this guy. We have no faith in Saddam and we have fought enough war.' We put our hands in the air, gave them our guns and radios, surrendered, and they took care of us."

After spending seven years as a refugee in Saudi Arabia, El-Murshidy came to the U.S. with the help of a religious charity five years ago.

"Now I have a beautiful life in America," he said. "I own a supermarket, have a car, and I love this country. You have none of this with Saddam."

It seems the only people in the article not supportive are Muslims that are not identified as Iraqis. And of course there is some anger aimed at Israel, too.

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