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Thursday, March 20, 2003

Iraqi opposition leaders are asking the EU to support liberation.

In a letter to Costa Smitis, the Greek Prime Minister and current head of the European Council, the Iraqi National Congress, (INC) thanked those members of the EU who are "taking action to support the liberation of the persecuted peoples of Iraq."

In the three page letter, the INC leader Ahmed Chalabi, acknowledged EU splits on the issue but asked that the EU be open and generous when offering help in the rebuilding of the country.

But he did not give up on trying win-over those who still held doubts, "be assured that the Iraq people have no such doubts," he pointedly added.

Haydar Ahmed, spokesperson for the INC backed-up Mr Chalabi an asked that EU members clearly backed the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, to date "this has not been clear from some in the EU," he said to the EUobserver.

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