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Thursday, March 13, 2003

Intersting, in making the case to his people John Howard used Pearl Harbour.

He refused to release any intelligence material and said the world could not afford to wait for another terrorist attack.

"We're not talking about proving, beyond reasonable doubt, to the satisfaction of a jury at the central criminal court in Darlinghurst," Howard said.

"If you wait for that kind of proof, you know, it's virtually Pearl Harbour."

He is making the humanitarian case. A good one no doubt.

"The Iraqi people are oppressed by this current regime," he said. "There is no chance of normalcy in a nation where torture and rape and genocide and killing are standard practice.

"We're talking about a regime that will gouge out the eyes of a child to force a confession from the child's parents. The regime that will burn a person's limbs in order to force a confession or compliance.

"This is a regime that in 2000 decreed the crime of criticising it would be punished by the amputation of tongues."

Needless to say, his political opponents were not impressed.

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