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Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Here's a list of who is offering what.

ALBANIA - Offered to send troops in a largely symbolic gesture.

AUSTRALIA - Sent 2,000-strong force of elite SAS troops, fighter jets and warships to the Gulf.

BAHRAIN - Headquarters of the U.S. Fifth Fleet.

BRITAIN - Washington's chief ally on Iraq has sent or committed 45,000 military personnel, planes and warships.

BULGARIA - Offered use of airspace, base and refuelling for U.S. warplanes; sent non-combat troops specialising in chemical and biological warfare decontamination.

CROATIA - Airspace and airports open to civilian transport planes from the coalition.

CZECH REPUBLIC - Sent non-combat troops specialising in chemical warfare decontamination in response to U.S. request.

DENMARK - The government decided to take part in the military action with a submarine and a corvette and a medical team.

GERMANY - Despite opposition to a war on Iraq, has chemical warfare decontamination specialists in Kuwait.

HUNGARY - Hosts a U.S. base where Iraqi exiles are trained for possible post-war administrative roles.

ITALY - Offered logistical help and use of military bases and ports under longstanding NATO commitments.

JORDAN - Opened its airspace to coalition planes; hosts U.S. troops carrying out search and rescue operations in western Iraq and manning a Patriot anti-missile defence system.

KUWAIT - Hosts coalition forces massed for an invasion.

LATVIA - Government has decided to ask parliament to authorise the deployment of a small number of troops.

OMAN - Base for U.S. planes used in Afghanistan, but says will play no role in a war against Iraq.

POLAND - To deploy up to 200 troops in the Gulf region, which will perform a non-combat role supporting any U.S.-led offensive.

PORTUGAL - Made available NATO air bases and an air base in the mid-Atlantic Azores islands.

QATAR - Hosts a mobile HQ for U.S. Central Command; allowed Washington to expand an airfield to handle more combat jets.

ROMANIA - Airspace and a base open to U.S. warplanes; sent non-combat specialists in chemical decontamination, medics, engineers and military police in response to a U.S. request.

SAUDI ARABIA - U.S. and British planes use its Prince Sultan Air Base to enforce a ''no-fly zone'' over southern Iraq.

SLOVAKIA - Sent non-combat troops specialising in chemical warfare decontamination in response to a U.S. request.

SPAIN - Strongest ally of the United States and Britain. Promised use of its NATO bases for a strike on Iraq. Spain will send a medical support vessel equipped with nuclear, biological and chemical treatment facilities. A back-up frigate and 900 troops will accompany the support vessel in the event of a conflict.

TURKEY - Hosts U.S. planes enforcing ''no-fly'' zone in northern Iraq. Parliament has rejected a resolution to allow use of airspace and deployment of American troops for an attack on Iraq but the cabinet was to debate the resolution again on Tuesday with a possible parliamentary vote on Wednesday.

UAE - Base for U.S. surveillance aircraft and refuelling; host to an estimated 3,000 Western troops.

UKRAINE - Agreed to U.S. request that it send chemical warfare and nuclear decontamination experts.

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