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Friday, March 21, 2003

Former servant of Saddam, now living in Sweden, talks about life in Saddam's palaces.

The woman, who used the name Hanna, told Sweden's TV4 network late Thursday she was hired to help decorate Saddam's 30 presidential palaces and prepare meals for Saddam's family.

She said summary executions and disappearances were part of daily life.

"Some employees disappeared without a trace, some were imprisoned or publicly executed, for example," said Hanna, who has lived in exile in Sweden for the past five years.

"I was never afraid of the president, or of his daughters or his sons, but I was terrorized by his bodyguards."

Asked about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction, which UN inspectors had searched for in Saddam's palaces, she said: "Nobody knew anything. Those who knew are no longer around to tell. Myself, I don't know anything... Even the military chief of staff knows nothing. The cabinet ministers know nothing, neither does the prime minister."

And she warned US and British forces, which late Wednesday launched the first military operations of a war to oust Saddam, would never capture the Iraqi president.

"They will never catch him, they can do nothing against him, no matter how much firepower they have."

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