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Monday, March 24, 2003

The European Commission is stumped as to the source of Europe's brain drain.

It is a vexing enough question that 1.6 Billion Euros will be spent to study the question. Being good PoMo Leftists the 'root cause' must have something to do with their 'self esteem'. The leading contender is a lack of social recognition for and appreciation of said professionals.

In a statement on Monday, the European Commission said "there are signs that the profession of researcher is not properly appreciated by the general public." This, said the European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin, is leading to a "brain drain" that has seen many of the EU's best and brightest leave for, and remain in, the US.

Tell you what, give me half that and I will expain it to you Philippe. Lowering taxes and revising or doing away with the employment and research regulations that stifle research advances would be a good start.

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