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Friday, March 21, 2003

Clinton's column in the Guardian the other day gave the game away. They know this war will come off well. They know Iraqis will dance in the streets. They know we will find horrors. They know WMD programs will be uncovered. They know France and Germany will be hurt by what comes out of Iraq. They cannot stop any of this. So, they are laying the foundations for history to look back and credit this whole thing to Blair. His eloquence in holding the Parliament together. His willingness to work with the UN and try to sway France and Germany. Future books on this campaign by Liberal Historians and 'Biographers' (I took classes with a real biographer, Stephen Oates, and I find those who give themselves that title today sorely lacking) will make Blair into the stout hero of this story.
This story
just reinforces that feeling.

And, don't get me wrong. Blair should always be revered in America as the equal of great men like Lafayette and Churchill. Materially we could have done this without him but, I don't think Bush would have been able to do it without Blair. But, I see future university classes and books trying to freeze out Bush as the moral force driving the liberation of Iraq. Just like they have done to Reagan and the end of the USSR.

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