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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Car bomb in the Kurdish controled North kills a journalist and wounds nine others. Here is a better story on it.

An Australian journalist has been killed by a car bomb near the village of Khormal in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq, colleagues and eyewitnesses said.

In the Khormal blast, three Kurdish peshmerga fighters also were killed and another journalist wounded.

The explosion was at a checkpoint outside Khormal, where the base of an Islamic group was destroyed earlier by US cruise missiles.

Witnesses said the journalists were waiting to enter the village when a taxi drew up beside them and exploded.

Some witnesses said the taxi driver escaped before the blast.

Khormal is a base of the mainstream Komala Islami Kurdistan (Islamic Society of Kurdistan), which was targeted by cruise missiles early Saturday at the same time as the hardline Ansar al-Islam, which is allegedly linked to the Al Qaeda terror network.

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