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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Can we buy Denmark on eBay? It is getting to be a long list of nations for sale over there, as their PM has come out in support of a March 17th deadline for Saddam.

The Danish government supports the U.S.-British Security Council draft resolution giving Iraq until March 17 to disarm or face a war, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Tuesday.

"It is positive that the weapons inspectors have signaled some progress, such as the destruction of missiles, but that does not resolve the international community's problem that Saddam Hussein does not respect the demands of the UN Security Council when it comes to disarming," Rasmussen told reporters.

"Iraq is only cooperating a little, cooperating only under pressure and at the last minute," he added.

He said it was essential that UN Resolution 1441, which demands that Saddam Hussein cooperate immediately, actively and unconditionally with the UN, be respected.

"That has not been the case so far. As a result the government supports the draft resolution" submitted by the United States, Britain and Spain, which "sets a final deadline for Saddam Hussein to account for Iraq's weapons of massive destruction," he said.

"The game of cat and mouse is over," Rasmussen stressed. He said the UN's demands "were clear: It is not up to the weapons inspectors to find Saddam's hidden arms. It is Saddam's responsibility to say where they are, or where they were destroyed."

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