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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

A British Muslim who serves in the military explains.

He has reflected deeply about the apparent paradox of a Muslim going to war against a tyrant who employs Islamic rhetoric every chance he gets, but he is at peace with himself as he and his unit prepare for battle.

He said: "It was a difficult decision being a Muslim to come here, but I realise this is not a religious war, however some people are trying to paint it.

"I firmly believe this war will be a means to help people rather than simply an exercise in killing. I was in a mosque back home shortly before we deployed and they were organising to go on the anti-war march in London.

I prayed for peace, too – but sometimes the only way to guarantee a lasting peace is by fighting."

He added: "It's Saddam who needs his head testing. The sooner he gets out of the picture, one way or another, the better it will be for his people. "

And for those anti-immigrant screechers who always see divided loyalties and feel Muslims (and Jews) are not trustworthy to give their allegiance.

There is some military background in Tariq's family – his mother's uncle is in the Pakistani army. Recently, a friend asked why he had not followed suit and joined up in Pakistan.

His answer was simple: "I was born in Leeds and I'm British – there was only ever one Army I was going to join."

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