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Monday, March 17, 2003

Being French means International rules regulations and agreements are only meant to apply to the other guy.

The European Union's statistical office said Monday that France breached the EU deficit rules last year, increasing the likelihood of EU action against the French government.

The French deficit was 3.1 percent of gross domestic product in 2002, higher than the 3.0 percent threshold, Eurostat announced

French finance minister Francis Mer already warned that the public finances would get worse before any improvement.

This year's deficit is forecast to be 3.4 percent, before falling back below 3 percent next year, he said. But citing the global economic weakness, Mer has ruled out taking any extra efforts this year to bring the deficit under control. He insists on going ahead with tax cuts to stimulate economic growth.

But at least they signed Kyoto (even though they remain the world's largest user of nuclear power) and the ICC (when do you think we'll see anyone up on charges over Algeria or the unilateral, hey look I know what the word really means, action in the Ivory Coast)?

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