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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Another American soldier in action represents what America is about. One of the POW's seen in the video shown by al-Jazeera was born in New Zealand.

Sergeant James Riley was one of five prisoners of war paraded on Iraqi television after a US Army supply convoy was ambushed at Nasiriyah.

The grandson of a former US consul to New Zealand, Sergeant Riley left Auckland for the United States at the age of 10.

Sergeant Riley's wife, Jane, learned he was a prisoner of war after a friend saw a photo of him on the internet.

"His tenacity and stubbornness will get him through this," Mrs Riley said.

"For us, it will be our faith and our family that will get us through."

This is something that really getsme going. When I hear the Europeans tell us that they have so much more history than America they totally miss the point. Our nation is based on an idea older than any of their nations and is populated by people from every nation on Earth. The historical roots of our America stretch back to the earliest of times everywhere in the world and our government has been in the hands of the people longer than any other nation on earth. So, please, spare me the attempts at trying to dismiss America's roots.

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