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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

UAE is sending forces to help defend Kuwait in the event of a US led war against Saddam and the possibilty of and Iraqi reprisal attack.

The small island nation of Bahrain also said Wednesday it would send a frigate and an unspecified number of troops.

Fellow Persian Gulf states have also agreed to dispatch a combined military force to Kuwait, preparing for the likelihood of war even as they hope for a diplomatic end to the U.S.-Iraq crisis.

The decision to send the combined force, known as the Peninsula Shield, was made in Saudi Arabia Saturday at a meeting of ministers of the six Arab Gulf states.

The forces will be under the command of the host country, Kuwait, the Emirates official said, speaking by telephone from Abu Dhabi, the nation's capital and largest of its seven emirates.

Peninsula Shield, based in Hafr al-Baten, a northeastern Saudi base near the Iraqi border, has some 5,000 troops. It was unclear how many of those troops would be sent to Kuwait, or how many Emirates troops would be involved in that deployment.

In other news. France,Germany and Belgium still refuse to allow NATO to defend Turkey.

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