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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Tony Blair is still hammering away at the doubters.

Saddam Hussein's brutality bolsters the case for war against Iraq, but cannot be used as its main justification, Prime Minister Tony Blair said yesterday. Blair cited Saddam's cruelty in hope of persuading opponents to support his tough stance, but said the UN demand that Iraq disarm must be the basis for any action. Blair marshalled the dual arguments against Saddam at an hour-long news conference dominated almost entirely by Iraq.

While he was careful to emphasise that the international crisis was solely about weapons of mass destruction, he spoke repeatedly about the violence and repression Saddam has inflicted on his people.

"The basis of our action is disarmament, that is the United Nations mandate," he said.

Blair, back from an emergency EU summit on Iraq, said he still wants to see a second UN resolution before launching any war on Baghdad, saying Britain was not rushing towards a conflict. "There's no rush to war. Indeed we've waited for 12 years" for Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein to comply with UN demands to give up weapons of mass destruction, Blair said.

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