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Monday, February 17, 2003

This is great. A friend in Japan emails this report:

Just had this report on TV here:

Do they show you guys clips from North Korean TV featuring Kim Jong- Il visiting farms, factories, and mingling with the (carefully selected) masses? They're on all the time on every Japanese news show. However, did you notice you never hear Kim's voice? It's always the female announcer's voice (or someone else) describing how gloriously Kim selected the tenderest cabbage, or how he pointed out the best cow in magnificent defiance of the West, or how the sun shines just a bit brighter when Dear Leader shows what passes for pearly whites in the DPRK.

Well, one Japanese news show interviewed a North Korean TV producer who defected. He said they never used Kim's voice track because he has such a foul mouth. Whenever he talks about another person he calls them "ano yaro" or "kono yaro" or something like that.

Those words were the Japanese translation of the Korean phrases, and they are _very_ rude. It'd be like saying, "This motherf*cker said..." and "That c*cks*cker planted a carrot" and so on. The producer said they couldn't possibly use what he said because if the citizens heard it their opinion of Kim would drop. I guess it would be bad for morale for the masses to hear just how loved they are by their leader...

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