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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Someone willing to take on Mugabe.

Peter Tatchell, the London-based Australian campaigner beaten up when he attempted a citizen's arrest on Robert Mugabe, is planning a fresh confrontation during the Zimbabwean leader's visit to Paris this week.

Mr Tatchell, dubbed the "gay gangster" by Mr Mugabe, will apply for a warrant in a Paris magistrates court this morning demanding the Zimbabwean leader be arrested under the UN torture convention. His claim is backed by affidavits from victims of the regime.

"If Slobodan Milosevic (the former Serbian leader) can be put on trial for human rights abuses, why not Robert Mugabe," asked Mr Tatchell.

There will also be an anti-Mugabe protest. Again I wonder how many of yesterday's 'anti-war' protestors will come out to voice their disgust with the oppression Comrade Bob visits on his people every day. Will Belguim be trying Comrade Bob for his crimes as they no propose to try Ariel Sharon?

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