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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

So much for a revolt in the House of Commons.

The House of Commons backed Prime Minister Tony Blair's determination to disarm Iraq, voting Wednesday to support his handling of the crisis and reject his opponents' assertion that the case for war is "unproven."

Blair prevailed despite a substantial rebellion within his Labor Party's ranks, mirroring the divisions which opinion polls have demonstrated in the wider British public.

Legislators voted 434-124 in favor of a government-sponsored motion that expresses support for working through the United Nations and urges Saddam Hussein to seize a "final opportunity" to comply fully with the Security Council's demands.

They rejected by a tally of 393-199 an amendment which said "the case for military action against Iraq (is) as yet unproven."

Of course the writer makes this out to be a win by the skin of Blair's teeth. Sorry, even with moe than 100 party members going against him, winning by 2 to 1 is not embarrasing or close.

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