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Friday, February 21, 2003

Russia is, apparently, trying to rush through some quickie oil contracts in Iraq.

Russia is planning a last-minute push to clinch new oilfield contracts with Iraq in the final weeks before any U.S.-led war against Baghdad, oil industry sources said on Friday.

Russian Energy Minister Igor Yusufov is hoping to make a secret visit to Iraq in the next few days to urge Baghdad to award a Russian company the contract to develop West Qurna, one of Iraq's biggest oil prospects, the sources said.

He also hopes to secure rights for smaller fields after Moscow met with fresh success in getting new deals in January.

Industry experts have said Russian oil companies are likely to invoke international law to protect their oilfield contracts in the event of a change in the government of Iraq.

Of course the protestors couldn't be bothered to confront the murderous brutality Saddam visits on the people of Iraq every day. So, who could expect them to point out the oil greed that keeps France and Russia from wishing to see the people of Iraq freed?

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