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Friday, February 07, 2003

Religion of peace update.

"The Islamic ummah (nation) is facing many challenges from its enemies," Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Sheikh, the Saudi Grand Mufti, was quoted as saying in a lecture here. "They claim that the Islamic ummah is terrorist, violent and does not respect treaties," he said, without identifying the enemies he had in mind. "They are liars ... Our religion is the faith of mercy and has been established on noble values. "Our enemies want to spread in the ummah the spirit of extremism, which deviates people from the right path."

Then the clincher.

"Strong belivers are not scared of death regardless of how loud the enemies beat the drums" of war, Sheikh Saud Al Shraim told the pilgrims as he prayed for God to help Muslims achieve victory.

"Believers are aware that life has a limit and that the Almighty controls our destiny ... They should expect either victory or martyrdom, both of which should be sought,"

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