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Thursday, February 06, 2003

People who are saying that Saddam isn't a threat and just because we prove that he is ignoring every binding resolution and agreement he has signed still doesn't prove he is an immanent threat are doing exactly what they denounced the Administration and Intelligence agencies of doing with far more disparate information in the years leading up to Sept 11th. They are not connecting the dots that are right in front of their faces. The aggression, human rights nightmares, environmental nightmares (in Kuwait and the marshes of Iraq), the constant deception and hampering of inspections, the lies about WMD programs, the support of regional terrorists, emerging ties to al-Qaeda and more, are all part of a distinct pattern. To ignore it is to be willfully ignorant of the situation.

And if, as a result of their howling, we do not remove Saddam Hussein, they will be the first to stand up and shout "Bush Knew. Why didn't the President do more to protect us from this threat?" when an al-Qaeda terrorist unleashes Iraqi designed smallpox on America.

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