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Friday, February 21, 2003

Oh yes, very non-aligned that Non-Aligned Movement. They plan to pass a resolution denouncing the sanctions against the murderer Mugabe.

Leaders of the 13th Non-Aligned-Movement (NAM) Summit will condemn some Western countries for their unilateral sanctions against Zimbabwe, participants said Friday. Senior officials of the Non-Aligned Movement met here Friday morning for preparing recommendations for the NAM summit that is to open early next week. There will be a unanimous decision to condemn the sanctions against the Zimbabwe government led by President Robert Mugabe, said a participant who asked not to be named. NAM countries have agreed to urge the United States, Britain, Australia and the European Union (EU) as well as other Western countries to end the sanctions, he added.

Has the word 'unilateral' lost all meaning? Does anyone understand what it means anymore?

And I hope the NAM is planning a resolution to denounce the fully documented oppression that Comrade Bob perpetuates. Yeah, right.

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