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Monday, February 24, 2003

Not only our weapons are becoming more advanced.

U.S. troops punched so deeply into Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War that it took an average of two hours to get a casualty to rear-guard hospitals -- four times longer than in Vietnam.

But if it comes to another war with Iraq, the Marine Corps' ''Devil Docs'' will chase the front lines on trucks and helicopters, in a first-ever effort to persistently push top-flight medical care close to combat.

''As the battlefield stretches out, we'll move up,'' said Navy Cmdr. Peter Mishky, 40, of San Diego, Calif., a trauma doctor who heads Combat Service Support Company 117, the Marines' equivalent of a six-bed emergency room.

Tested in Afghanistan, the concept of sending mobile but well-equipped medical units to the edge of combat has been embraced by the Seventh Marine Regiment, with 10 emergency rooms and six resuscitation-surgery units.

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