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Friday, February 07, 2003

Mahathir Mohamad may do a lot of anti-American (but rarely in the screedish and petulant tone you see from some European leaders) and anti-globo ranting. But he never holds back when it comes to Islam.

The Prime Minister said Islam was a religion for all times and by trying to change the world back, they portrayed that Islam was only compatible with ancient times. “We need to prove that Islam is a religion that is suitable in whatever condition and environment and a religion that can form the foundation for a great civilisation,” In Malaysia, he said, Islam was regarded as a religion appropriate to all situations and not one that was suitable for the Seventh Century.

Today, he said, Islam was looked down by many, not because the religion was bad but because of the actions of some Muslims who disregarded the true teachings of the religion by interpreting it according to their personal inclination and interests.

“To these people, the bad image suffered by the religion and the sorry fate that has befallen many Muslims is not important so long as what they view as true Islamic teachings are upheld. They are only interested in showcasing the aggression of Islam because to them that is Islam.

“Thus, a thief, who resorts to stealing because he is too poor and should be given leniency, is not given due consideration. What they are more interested in is the chopping off of hands – as if Islam is a religion that does not care for social problems faced by the community,” he said.

Of course he really needs to attack the corruption that eats away at Malaysian civil society, while he's at it.

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