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Monday, February 24, 2003

Just so you know how 'non-aligned' the Non Aligned Movement is.

A resolution will call for the lifting of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe a year ago by Australia, the United States, Britain and other countries after violence in the run-up to Mugabe's re-election, according to a draft seen by AFP. It also calls for international support for Mugabe's widely criticised land reform program, under which thousands of white Zimbabweans have been driven off their farms. The resolution expresses "deep concern at the grave humanitarian situation" in Zimbabwe, which it attributes to drought. Mugabe's critics say his land reforms are largely responsible for what the NAM admits is a looming "human catastrophe".

The NAM resolution calls for urgent assistance to Zimbabwe and criticises the International Monetary Fund and World Bank for withdrawing financial support.

An African diplomat said the draft had been accepted without debate at a summit dominated by the threat of war against Iraq, which is also a member of the organisation of developing countries.

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