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Monday, February 17, 2003

If, as reports are saying, the language of the next resolution offered is softened, there will be no war. By weeks not months, they mean within two or not at all. Thankfully Tony Blair will not be dissuaded. This is an amazing thing to see. He has held so firm in his moral belief that Saddam must go that he is now damned of does and damned of he doesn't. If he backs down and there is no war, the more liberal members of Labor will smell blood in the water and be looking for any chance they can get to take him down. Also, backing down would probably push the Franco-German vision of the EU into the fore. Britain's influence will wane and France and Germany will get their way as Schroeder and Chirac smell the same blood in the water.

But, conversely, a successful and, eventually, popular war of Iraqi liberation, could well lead to Blair's political demise. See the historical precedents of Thatcher and Churchill. A victory and soaring popularity could lead to a revolt from members of Labor aided by willing members of the Loyal Opposition.

In the short term, Blair could also face revolt. Wavering and delay, apparent groveling before France/Germany/UN also give the impression that Bliar is vulnerable. Ambitious Labor folks cold get the idea that now is their time to replace the pro-American Blair. The only thing that may prevent this is that there is no single member capable of mounting an individual challenge to Blair's hold on the leadership.

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