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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Have CIA agents been broadcasting radio 'propaganda' into Iraq since early February?

Clues gathered by radio enthusiasts suggest that a mysterious new Iraqi radio station is in fact a source of CIA "black" propaganda.

Radio Tikrit began broadcasting in early February. The station's programming reflected that of many other government-sponsored stations in Iraq by showing strong support for the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and his government. The station's name is also the name of the Iraqi town where Saddam and other members of his government were born.

However, by 15 February, the tone of Radio Tikrit's programmes began to change dramatically. One show reportedly described Iraqis so poor that they had to sell their windows and doors. Another, broadcast on 18 February, is reported to have encouraged Iraqi soldiers to refuse the "orders of the tyrant" and "be brave before it is too late".

Radio Tikrit broadcasts at 1584 kHz, a frequency very close those used by two radio stations operated by a political group opposed to Saddam's rule. The Iraqi National Accord, which is thought to receive CIA support, broadcasts Two Rivers Radio at 1566 kHz and Radio Al Mustaqbal at 1575 kHz.

Finally, a posting to the DXing.info web site, from a person identifying themselves as Egyptian, suggests the voice of the main Radio Tikrit announcer can also be heard on a non-clandestine US propaganda station called Information Radio. This station broadcasts from airplanes flying near Iraq, a technique also used in the war in Afghanistan.

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