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Saturday, February 15, 2003

el Jefe, standing on the backs of the oppressed people of Cuba dares to pass moral judgements and spout blatant lies.

"A war is about to break out. It is an unnecessary war, using pretexts that are neither credible nor proven," Castro said in a speech to a conference of Latin American economists.

"The immense majority of world opinion unanimously rejects a new war," he said, adding that it was "hardly probable" that Iraq had biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. The Cuban leader said Washington was flouting international rules and disregarding the United Nations, which "was practically dissolved by imperial decision after the fateful 11th of September."

Castro said the Iraqi people had suffered more than 10 years of bombings and the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives, mainly children, due to hunger and disease since the Persian Gulf War.

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