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Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Eastern Europe strike back.

Eastern European capitals reacted defiantly to the tirade, reminiscent to some of the former Soviet Union's overbearing manner.

"The French position shows certain anxiety," said Bulgarian Deputy Foreign Minister Lyubomir Ivanov. "It is not the first time that pressure is being exerted upon us in one or another form but in my opinion this is not the productive way to reach unity and consensus in the Security Council."

In Warsaw, Poland's deputy foreign minister called Chirac's tirade "harmful and unnecessary."

"The US presence in Europe and close relations with the United States are in all of Europe's interest," Adam Rotfeld said. He also blasted the notion that the EU was making a "great gesture" by accepting eastern European countries. "We believe our entry into European Union is a great chance for us, but also a chance for the European Union," Rotfeld said. "Poland and other countries have the right to decide what is good for them, and France should respect it."

Hungarian historian Odon Beothy said Chirac showed the "unpredictability" of French foreign policy.

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