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Friday, February 07, 2003

Didn't anyone tell David Dale (a name too close to David Duke for mere coincidence) that The Two Towers is a very old book and the movie had been in production since well before September 11th? And that Peter Jackson isn't even an American (Dale being Australian, you think he'd know that)? In a head to head matchup of 'left-wing' vs. 'right-wing' movies Dale rants about the 'right-wing' Two Towers:

The very title of The Two Towers is a reminder of why America is so active in the world. It shows the fair-skinned forces of the West arrayed against swarthy enemies called Uruk-hai and Orcs - words too close to Iraqi and Iraq to be mere coincidence. The Orcs are so evil that mass slaughter is the only suitable treatment. They worship a dictator called Saddam, sorry, Sauron, and use a suicide bomber to breach the wall of WASP Central.

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