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Sunday, February 16, 2003

Blair gets some much needed support from within his party.

Senior government ministers have called on the Labour party faithful to rally behind Prime Minister Tony Blair as he faces tough decisions on a possible war with Iraq. Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott close Labour's three-day conference in Glasgow on Sunday with a speech imploring members to support the party leader's stance on Baghdad.

Blair, who is virtually isolated over Iraq in Europe, will face sceptics at a European Union summit in Brussels on Monday.

But first he faced equally tough opponents in his own party, who are deeply hostile to another Gulf War, particularly if it is not authorised by a fresh U.N. resolution. Polls show most of the most population agrees.

"There are also consequences of 'stop the war'" Blair said. "I do not seek unpopularity as a badge of honour. But sometimes it is the price of leadership. And the cost of conviction."

Blair got a standing ovation as he ended his speech bashing his political opponents but three delegates waved "No Blood for Oil!" posters and many said the issue had split Labour.

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