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Friday, February 07, 2003

Bill Clinton forgets that this same exact deal landed us where we are today.

The answer to the North Korean nuclear standoff is for an East Asian coalition to offer Pyongyang food, energy and the technology to grow food in exchange for an end to its nuclear programs, former U.S. president Bill Clinton said Thursday.

Hey, didn't work from 94-02, let's try it again.

"North Korea is a poor country. They can't grow their own food. it's the most isolated society in the world. Their only cash crops are bombs and missiles,"

Of course Bill doesn't mention that their famine is man-made. It is the choice of the Kim regime that no food will be grown. Just as in Zimbabwe and the Soviet Union before millions are starved to death in the name of Communism.

"What we should do," said Clinton, "Is get their neighbors, beginning with the South Koreans and then the Japanese and the Chinese and the Russians and get them all together and say (to Pyongyang): "look, here's the deal. If you'll end both nuclear programs we'll make sure you've got enough food and energy, we'll teach you how to grow food and we'll give you a non-aggression pact."

What a load of crap. As long as Kim and his million man army kill murder and rape the people of N Korea they will never allow the people to be fed let alone grow their own. And the offer of food and fuel was the same exact deal that got us into this mess. We gave them the deal, sent food and fuel build them nuclear reactors and Kim continued building nuclear weapons, abducting Japanese citizens, starving North Koreans, and selling weapons to anyone ho will buy. How does Clinton think offering the same deal now will shut down the covert nuclear production, political starvation and arms dealing? Of course he kicked the can for the next administration so he has no moral qualms about telling Bush to kick it along for whoever may come next.

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