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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Bet this isn't something that you considered could happen as a result of a war against Saddam.

A potential U.S.-led attack against Iraq could lead initially to greater smuggling of sugar from Syria and Jordan before a more liberalised market emerges, traders and analysts say.

On Monday, U.S. officials said the United States and at least 10 other countries were drafting a plan to feed millions of Iraqis in case a war is launched against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

The contingency plans have been developed over the past five months and would include providing ready-to-eat meals to Iraqi civilians, delivered by U.S. soldiers, during any war.

Some traders said that as Iraq had been stockpiling sugar in recent months over war fears, there was likely to be sufficient stocks in the interim period.

"Over the last few years since the Oil-For-Food programme came into effect there has been sugar smuggling into Iraq from Syria and Jordan. This is irrespective of what quantities have been tendered for Iraq. If there is a protracted strike on Iraq this volume will increase due to increased war risk premiums and a lack of vessel activity into Iraq," a Middle East-based trader said.

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