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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Basking in the glow of so many other nations that hate the West, Comrade Bob decided to get in on the smears and lies.

"Bush and Blair have apparently developed similar war-like dispositions deriving from similar ideologies of new imperialism," Mugabe told the summit. "The United States, awakened to the implications of being the sole superpower, joined by Britain as a born-again colonialist, and other Western countries have turned themselves into fierce hunting bulldogs raring to go, as they sniff for more blood, Third World blood."

Mugabe said Blair's actions on Zimbabwe were "irrational." "He desires and is determined to undermine the sovereignty of my country and introduce neo-colonialist rule. That we shall never allow him to achieve," he said.

And he has learned well from the Left.

"And is it not ironical that Mr. Bush who was not really elected should deny my legitimacy, the legitimacy of President Mugabe, established by many observer groups from Africa and the Third World. Who, in these circumstances, should the world impose sanctions on? Robert Mugabe or George Bush?"

Lovely, not only does the Left snuggle up to Castro every chance they get, defend Saddam Hussein from the legitimate consequences of his actions but they tutor murderous thugs like Mugabe.

"Iraq might have developed or desired to develop arms of mass destruction. But the United States has massive arms of that magnitude. Why can't the United States demonstrate what Iraq should (do) by destroying their own massive heaps first?"

I'm sure that would convince Saddam of the necessity for him to disarm. I am also willing to bet that Iran and North Korea (and France?) would also be more than willing to follow suit. I guess when you're a dictator there is no need for logic a simple "I know you are, but what am I?" will do for every argument.

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