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Friday, February 21, 2003

And let's not forget the Kuwaitis still missing 12 years after Saddam invaded their country.

Their fate remains a highly emotional issue in this country of only 860,000 people and has helped sustain a deep animosity to Saddam and his regime.

For more than a decade, the families of the missing have kept up a campaign to focus attention on their disappeared sons, daughters and husbands.

Banners and billboards throughout Kuwait City exhort "Remember our PoWs." Yellow ribbon decals decorate the backs of cars and the government has set up a National Committee for the Missing and POW Affairs, with an annual budget of US$6.6-million, to try to find the detainees and to provide welfare for their families.

"Every family in Kuwait knows someone who is missing," says Abeer al-Asfour. "Every family. Everybody has a story. Everybody has some pain."

For years Iraq refused to discuss the issue, insisting all Kuwaiti prisoners had been released at the end of the war.

But since 1994, as it struggled to evade international economic sanctions, Iraq has grudgingly admitted to holding at least 126 of them. Now, the government in Baghdad says it has no idea where they are, suggesting they may have died or settled down in Iraq.

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