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Friday, February 28, 2003

The $100,000,000 Heist!

Authorities put a price tag of $100 million Thursday on the jewels, gold and securities stolen this month in what is widely considered to be the theft of the century in Antwerp, the world's diamond-cutting capital.

Police are still looking for the goods taken from 123 of the 160 high-security vaults at Antwerp's Diamond Center and the burglars who actually broke into the building Feb. 16.

Meanwhile, a court Thursday ordered the continued detention of four suspects, two Italian men, one Italian woman and a Dutch woman, who were arrested over the weekend. The four had rented office space in 2000 in the building where the vaults are located. Investigators believe one of the Italian men was the mastermind and the others were his accomplices. Police did not give information beyond their gender and nationalities.

I really hoe it is just a plot among these people. We know that al Qaeda has a taste for diamonds to fund its activities. An extra $100 million would not be good.

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