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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Talk about a useful idiot. Colleen Beaumier an elected official in Canada's ruling party recently paid a social visit to the quaint backwater of Iraq.

"I've extended a hand on behalf of Canadians who feel the same way about humanity I do," she gushed from Baghdad. "So I have established some credibility. Probably what the Iraqi officials have done for me, more than I have done for them, is they've given me some credibility with Canada."

In describing her experience, Ms. Beaumier didn't see fit to emphasize Iraq's totalitarian nature, or the million dead who've been chopped down in Saddam's wars and purges. Rather, she seemed to be describing a love affair. "Am I enamoured with these people?" she said Monday. "They are extremely charming."

"President Hussein has spoken to his ministers and said some of these [anti-freedom and anti-human rights] laws are harsh and they have to be revisited."

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