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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Say what? Is this cuddle up to dictators week in France. This is how the French Foreign Ministry explains their abstention in the UNHRC vote that put Libya in the Chair.

If France chose to abstain in the vote, which saw Libyan ambassador to Geneva Najat al-Hajjaji elected head of the UN commission on human rights, it was done in such a way that France could send two different messages to Libya, a French spokesman said.

He noted that if the vote had been taken a year or two ago, France would undoubtedly have joined the United States and Canada in voting against Libya _ to protest Libya's alleged involvement in the bombing of a French aircraft over Niger in 1989.

However, Paris also wanted to respect the memory of a large number of Africans who died in the plane crash and so thought it best to neither support nor oppose Tripoli's elevation at the world body, the spokesman said.

So they didn't want to disrespect all of the Africans murdered by Libya (on a French airliner, no less) by not taking a stance on their ascension to head the UN Human Rights Commission?

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