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Friday, January 31, 2003

Portugal's Prime Minister says there can be no neutrality.

Jose Manuel Durao Barroso told parliament he had joined seven other European leaders in backing the U.S. stance as a way to keep strong ties between the United States and Europe. Durao Barroso and the other leaders broke with France and Germany on Thursday by expressing support for the tough U.S. stance on Iraq.

That has opened a rift in the European Union while boosting U.S. President George W. Bush's argument that he can form a ''coalition of the willing'' to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein if he does not disarm.

''There are situations and moments in which false neutralities become dangerous complicities,'' Durao Barroso, a Social Democrat, declared in his monthly appearance before parliament. Reminding legislators that Portugal had remained neutral in World War Two under a rightist dictatorship, he added, ''There is no neutrality possible between tyranny and democracy.''

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