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Thursday, January 30, 2003

France and Germany, with Belgium and Luxembourg in tow, are blocking a discussion on whether NATO should deploy Patriot missiles and surveillance aircraft to Turkey. Not blocking the action, they are blocking a motion to discuss it. Turkey has requested this measure and France and Germany will stand in the way of it. Again they prove that when it comes to the defense, even of nations in alliance with them, that they cannot be trusted to accept measures to help.

If France, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium were to reject a formal request for help from Ankara, it would be the first time in its history that NATO members would have failed to honour the terms of the Washington Treaty.

France and Germany (with far fewer allies than America) now threaten to destroy the credible futures of three organizations. The EU, NATO and the UN. A refusal to listen to the other members of the EU in relation to the possible war in Iraq, threatens the cohesion and cooperation among the nations of the EU. A statement that despite and evidence the US may have they will veto any UN Security Council Resolution to disarm Iraq by force. And now by blocking the discussion of deploying defensive capabilities to a NATO ally in danger of a WMD strike by Saddam Hussien. All of these show again and again and again that France and Germany cannot be trusted honor any obligations that by treaty they should assume.

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