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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

They keep telling us exactly what they mean and all of the apologists still ignore or try to 'interpret' or 'put in context' that the hate filled calls to murder and genocide. This from a Senior Palestinian Judge.
Bitawi told the Islam Online Website that "according to a religious edict and [relying on] the words of Allah: Youths and adults, Make haste. Fight the war of Jihad using your money and [sacrificing] your souls for the way of Allah." He said, in a special forum dedicated to religious sages and edicts, that religious sages have pointed out that men, women and children alike, should all follow this route [of Jihad]. "In the era of Muhammad the prophet, the participation of children [in Jihad] was a well-known fact; now we live in this reality in Palestine," he explained. "We hold a great deal of love towards Jihad and for the sacrifice of one's self in honor of Allah. This situation has brought many children to compete amongst themselves regarding the carrying out of the operations of Jihad and acts of suicide.

"However, many of these acts and operations were unsuccessful, and especially due to the anticipation and forecasting abilities of the enemy. Therefore, the Islamic movement was forced to ask these children to wait patiently and not carry out the suicide acts until they've completed their studies, trained and learned to act diligently and with caution."

Asked about the religious ruling regarding the participation of women in suicide attacks, Sheikh Bitawi, who is on the PA's payroll, said: "The sages have said that when the enemy occupies and conquers a land belonging to Muslims, the Jihad becomes a commandment that must be fulfilled by every Muslim man or woman. A woman can carry out Jihad without her husband's permission. The women in the era of Muhammad the prophet used to take part in Jihad. Women throughout Palestine can participate in a form of Jihad, including suicide terror attacks."

Aren't we supposed to trust the Palestinian Justice System to stop the suicide bombers and assure Israel's security?

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