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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange, Alec Baldwin and other mindless knee-jerk leftists will try to claim that the Administration is crushing dissent (of course their comments are reported in papers, shown on the news and they are called for interviews) but, if they want to know what the suppression of dissent is prehaps they should talk to some wirters and editors in Iran.

An Iranian court has summoned the head of the country's official news agency to answer charges connected to its published report about U.S. relations with the Islamic Republic.

Iranian newspapers say the Islamic Republic News Agency's (IRNA) managing editor, Abdollah Nasseri, appeared in court Monday to explain a published survey showing 74 percent of Iranians want talks on restoring diplomatic ties with Washington. The IRNA poll was published last week.

The findings drew instant criticism in Iran's conservative press, with some publications calling for a purge of the news agency, and others accusing it of publishing false data. IRNA later withdrew the findings.

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