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Sunday, October 06, 2002

Such American Cowboy Hegemons. At least some people do not forget American sacrifices. A South Korean General presented medals to a group of Korean war vets at a VA Hospital.

"It was such a heart-warming and heart-breaking experience for me," Choi [Choi Seung Woo, a retired ROK Army major general] said. "It was a moment of truth for me; because of the veterans, we Koreans can now be free and prosperous. As long as I live, I will keep visiting Korean War veterans to say 'Thank you.'"

Some of the Vets had some things to say, too.

For Carl Goericke, 75, of Austin, receiving the medal was a "proud, proud, proud moment." After serving in the Navy during World War II, he re-enlisted in the Army and fought in South Korea from July 1950 till June 1951. Goericke recalled fighting in the Pusan Perimeter just after the North Korean invasion, and then the breakout and battle all the way to Yalu River that was the border between North Korea and China. "It feels good that somebody appreciated it," Goericke said. "I volunteered in World War II and I volunteered for Korea and I am proud to serve any time. If they'd give me a good M1 rifle I'd go to Iraq."

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