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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Rep. McDermott claims that those who say he is a traitor would not do so to his face. Well I would, if I met him. Standing in the capital of a nation that has for 12 years now decleared that they will bring America to its knees and calling the President a liar, while saying that a man caught in numerous lies who has committed crimes against humanity and nature should be taken at face value, would seem to fit pretty snugly under the 'aid and comfort' section of the definition of traitor.

And to critics who condemned him for raising questions about U.S. policy and his loyalty to the United States, he offered a blunt retort: "They wouldn't say that to my face.

Then against this is a guy who had to go to Bagdad to call the President a liar.

Oh wait, he backed off the Saddam should be taken at face value line.

"Let me say flat out, I don't trust Saddam Hussein under any circumstances. But what has not been clear to this point are the reasons why we're going to war," he said.

So which is it face value or no trust? Or could you not bring yourself to call Saddam a liar to his face?

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