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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Pretend you are a judge. This man comes before you in a bail hearing:

Diea Sayhood, 29, of Richmond, faces 13 charges including rape, abduction, assault and making a threat to kill. Police allege Mr Sayhood was involved in incidents with two girls aged 14 and 17 in Richmond in August and September. Mr Sayhood has a temporary protection visa after fleeing his homeland with three other men.

Do you?

a) Decide that this man has fled from his homw country committed heinous crimes multiple times against multiple youths and therefore is dangerous and is not to be trusted out on bail.

Or do you?

b) Decide he is not an unacceptable risk to the community and release him on $10,000 on bail.

Well, were you Magistrate Lisa Hannan, in Victoria Australia, you would choose b, he is obviously a fine upstanding man who has just been misunderstood and can be trusted to return for his hearing on December 2nd, having not committed another crime.

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