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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Okay, I missed this on Sunday but it is hilarious. Our local conservative up here in MA, Howie Carr had some commments about Teddy K's speech on Friday.

It had to be a serious speech, as someone noted Friday, because Sen. Ted Kennedy remembered to wear his trousers. And so the senior senator weighed in, so to speak, on C-SPAN 2. He laid out the case for not going to war, and it boils down to one salient fact:

More Americans have been killed by Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile than by Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

And those who like to say Bush is inarticulate should listen to Ted a little closer:

``Well uh the question are we putting politics over principle when we are trying to uh uh try to get a vote on on the Iraqi situation get back to the other. Uh I don't uh I don't think so. Uh you know my sense is uh that people have at least uh feel in our Democratic caucus that people have made up their minds and that this debate is all over. I mean I'd say that is a feeling among many. Um I kind of reject it because I don't think people have heard the other side. Myself.''

What's he saying?

``Well I I uh as I mentioned at the opening I believe that President Bush believes in his policy very uh firmly and and deeply I there's nothing in uh in uh that would lead to to uh another decision. It's one I differ with for the reasons that I have outlined here but uh I don't question that he uh doesn't believe that very very uh deeply and I think that that's you know to his uh uh to his credit.'' Teddy suggested that we go again to what he called ```the United Nation.'' He cited the post-war expulsion of the arms inspectors ``in 1988'' - three years before the Gulf War began. He mentioned a movie. He quoted an employee of CNN. All in all, a bravura performance.

Remember, this is the man that the intelligensia puts on a god-like pedestal.

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